Meet Cowboy (formerly known as Cheeto)! This adorable little guy is an unaffected male from a colony of dogs helping researchers study and treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a fatal disease that affects dogs and children. Cowboy was a Christmas gift for a young boy with DMD who was over the moon when his mom, Lisa, surprised him and his sisters with this bouncy ball of furry joy for Christmas!


From Lisa pre-adoption: “I cannot tell you how excited we are!!!! And so ready! My children are going to be ecstatic!!! Each one of them has ”puppy” at the top of their Christmas list….but they all think it’s not happening! We are so grateful to y’all for allowing us to adopt Cheeto, and we are completely grateful beyond words for the research being done on DMD. Y’all are in the miracle business!!! God bless you all!!! Thank you!”


From Lisa the day she took Cowboy home: “Good morning!! We could not wait to let the children meet him so we got him home around 7 last night and they could not believe it ….we are all in love!!! He’s so sweet and fun!! He’s doing great getting to know the house and the yard and all of us. Oh! And though my husband and I have been calling him Cheeto, I think the children want to change his name to Cowboy! He is doing so well and we are so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL so much! Merry Christmas!!”