Fetch and Twizzler

What’s better than adopting one hero? Two! At least that’s what Katie and Jonny thought. After adopting Fetch, an 8-year-old female who was a training dog, they welcomed Twizzler (1.5 years old) five months later. The cutest part of this story is the girls were partners before! They are reunited and now inseparable, thanks to Katie and Jonny. ❤️

Katie shared the latest photos of the girls sitting together on the sofa. “Sweet, sensitive Fetch & playful, quirky Twizzler. These two are quickly becoming best friends!” 

In this photo, below, the girls are “helping with yard work.”

July 31, 2020: Katie and Fetch are super connected!
July 31, 2020: Twiz relaxing on Auntie Laura’s lap.