July 30, 2020: What’s better than a popsicle on a hot summer day? We can’t think of anything, and neither can our hero, Thor. Here he is enjoying a homemade kibble, carrots, and red berry treat.
Adoption signed from home.

We received an update from Leticia, who adopted Thor, along with plenty of photos and funny captions to share with you.

“Although we will really miss fostering, we are so excited to officially welcome him to our family and we can’t imagine how it would be without our baby boy.  What’s really awesome is that Thor is a mix pf the personality and looks of our previous foster Cornelius and Balboa, so they are always on our minds too. Thor is very gentle, snugly and friendly (sometimes too friendly) and we love him dearly. Sometimes he can be very stubborn on walks, but it’s getting better every week. He learned how to sit, give paw, and down.

“During this quarantine, we are trying to be creative and offer a variety of stimulation for him.”

Just a handsome boy.
Trying to decide which card to play next.
A very unimpressed morning in bed.
 Enjoying a homemade popsicle with red berries and water .
Just being a Beagle.

Again, just a handsome boy.
Pretending he doesn’t care about the plants just to eat them when I’m not around.
When he chose the fragrance of the day would be goose poop and made sure to roll all over it.
Helping his dad with painting. 

On a walk, sporting his “Ask me why I’m a hero” dog leash.

His stubbornness during walks.
One of my favorites is the one where he looks exactly like his toy! LOL