“Raina is an unaffected carrier of Batten disease. She is 12 weeks old and was born with an overbite that didn’t allow her to nurse, so she was hand fed by her caregivers. She came to me spoiled, and I’ve spoiled her even more. She enjoys playing and running around outside. She and her new brother, Otis, chase each other all over the house. She’s very smart, but like any dachshund, she’s STUBBORN and HEADSTRONG. I’ve had her less than a week, but she keeps me hopping. Her little mind never stops, and she’s always trying to out-maneuver me. I LOVE HER!”



NOTE: Raina’s dog family is helping to fight Batten disease – a fatal, inherited disorder of the nervous system that affects dogs and young children. Children suffering from Batten disease become blind, bedridden and demented; they typically die in their late teens or early twenties. Raina’s family and her researchers are studying gene and enzyme therapies for affected dogs, and an enzyme therapy to treat affected children is currently in clinical trials. Thank you, two and four-legged research heroes!