Greta Garbo was adopted by Paige who has planned for a dog for quite a while and is happy that she has now found “the one”!  While Greta can be timid about new things, she was snuggling and playing with Paige and one of her cats, Virgil, after the first night. It’s clear to us all that Greta knows she is home! She is also getting spoiled by Paige’s family and friends who have sent her TONS of new toys.  

Paige is a teacher and hopes to be able to put Greta in a training program so she can accompany her to school and interact with the students. Greta is a Lucky girl! So are Paige’s students

Why is Greta a hero?

Greta is a normal female from a colony of dogs that is helping researchers study Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a devastating and fatal disease that affects children and dogs. Some of her littermates were affected by DMD, enabling researchers to learn more about this disease and develop strategies to treat or cure it.