Cornelius is a happy go lucky 4-year-old boy who got his wish of a home before the holidays. We love updates from adoptive families!

“Just to let you know that our first weekend with Cornelius went quite well.  He did not like all the snow, but he has found a favorite spot by our big pine tree so that helps as he’s learning if he takes care of business quickly, he gets to go inside sooner.  Both of the dogs seemed to get along fine and by yesterday it was Marley who was going inside the opened crate instead of Cornelius (as you can see by the picture [photo, above] he has found a spot on the couch next to my husband)….Even though he is about the size of Marley, he is just that much longer. [photo, below] He follows me around the house and when the gate stops him, he waits by it for me to come back.”