Lucy 2

Karen says, “Lucy goes to a great doggie daycare a few days a week so she can run and play with other dogs. We love seeing the photos they send us of her running around and hanging with her buddies.” (See photos, below,)

She added, “Lucy is such a sweet girl. She just passed her basic obedience class and when the COVID-19 situation is over we are going to take her to an advanced tricks class. She enjoys working for food!”

Lucy is living a wonderful life and deserves to be the center of attention, as the photos of her with friends, below, show.

Lucy was bred for MPSVII or Sly Syndrome research and has been adopted by a terrific family that has one other dog. Lucy and Karen participated in an event to promote Homes for Animal Heroes soon after her adoption. 

Thank you for sharing Lucy’s story with the public and for educating people about the important role animals like her play in biomedical research.