Emmett now has a loving home and a giant backyard with Sarah and Nate! They are enjoying each other immensely! From Sarah: Emmett is such a sweet, easygoing boy who gets along with every animal he meets. He absolutely loves being outside and going on walks. He always wants to be pet and we like to oblige. We are so in love with him already and that will only continue to grow. Every day, as he gets more comfortable, he shows us more and more of his adorable personality. And we’re discovering that he’s extremely smart (maybe even too smart for his own good).

Note: Emmett helped researchers develop the world’s first artificial pancreas, a device that monitors glucose levels and provides appropriate doses of insulin to people struggling with Type 1 diabetes. Dogs have been critical for medical breakthroughs related to diabetes for decades and Emmett is one of many heroes that have improved the lives of people and animals affected by this disorder. Thank you, Emmy!! You’re adorable!