Please contact our regional coordinator directly if you are interested in adopting a dog featured below or becoming a foster volunteer:

Meet Paco!

Paco is another sweet and mellow senior male beagle. He will run up to you as soon as he sees you and wants to get pet. He is timid at the same time when he senses you behind him. He gets along well with other dogs and people and is obsessed with belly rubs. He is working on leash walking but improves every day. He is active in the mornings but as the day gets later he enjoys his afternoon naps. He is a very good boy and will make a great companion.

Meet Rusty!

Rusty is super sweet and calm senior beagle. He likes to spend most of his time laying around either in the crate, dog bed, or taking in sun outside. He is the perfect dog for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to exercise them or for someone who wants a companion to cuddle with on the couch. He loves attention and if he hears you making a baby voice he will run to you for pets and kisses. He is potty trained and knows how to use a doggy door. He gets along with all dogs.