North Carolina

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Say yes to Yukon!

🎉🎉🎉 Older gentleman seeks a new foster or forever bed. He’s not picky! 🎉🎉🎉 
If you’re looking for your next nap partner, look no further! Yukon is a 10.5 year old hound mix with all the charm of a grandfather. He’s generally patient, loves spending time with kids, and enjoys catching ZZZ’s. Hobbies include chewing on cup shaped objects, exploring the great outdoors (or indoors, he’s not picky and he came equipped with a great hound nose), and showering canine ladies with affection. He has made new friends with goats and chickens, and cats if they are so inclined. Dislikes include not having a comfy dog bed immediately available, peanut butter, and small dogs that won’t play with him.

Due to his age, Yukon would prefer his new home to either be one level or have enough space for him to live on the first floor. His hips aren’t what they used to be, but it won’t stop him from climbing to new heights if there’s a reward on the table. He tends to be most energized in the mornings but calms down around noon and wants to spend the rest of the day snoozing. He loves to be snuggled and lives for pets!